Ranks & Duties


As with any real fleet, there are various command levels, with each level comes a minimum level of proven performance and in reality a certain level of responsibility, not just towards self but for the improvement of the fleet and commitment to all others below them. Opportunities for promotion are available toward fleet-oriented people who consistently display teamwork, good communication and have proved that needs of the Fleet and its Members come first.

Rank 1 Lieutenant is an introductory rank, in order to increase in rank from this level you must have registered on the cronfleet.com website, and reached a minimum Overall Holding Contributions  of 100,000 in the fleet. 

Ranks 2-5 Commander through Admiral/General do not have Administrative duties, they are obtained through increased contributions to the Fleet Starbases are as shown in the rank matrix below.

Rank 6 of “Hall of Honor” & “Hall of Distinction” within the “Cron Fleet”, consist of Active/semi-Active and/or Retired Cron Founders and Fleet Admirals that are in good standing and have held the rank of a Fleet Admiral for a minimum of one year. These outstanding officers have helped forge the direction of the fleet and spent countless hours making Cron a Fleet of Distinction. Their past and present direction which continues to help us forge ahead, in order to thank them for their unselfish contributions to our Cron family their primary character may hold this position. A retired Admiral can also keep any other toons in the Rank 6 honorary position if that toon has reached at least one million in Fleet Credit Contributions, otherwise all other additional characters that have less than one million will be moved to their appropriate rank.

Rank 7 Fleet Admiral /Fleet General, is an administrative rank (TS3 required), these active fleet officers have moved up through the ranks and have proven that “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one”. This rank is responsible for organizing and coordinating and training in all fleet operations.  In order to gain and/or retain this rank, you must be active and approved by three active Fleet Admirals. A Fleet Admiral may only have one officer at this rank unless you are a Fleet Protector as described below.

Rank 7** Plus Fleet Admirals /Fleet Generals – Protectors of the Fleet, Same as above except these officers have been actively serving as a Fleet Admiral/Fleet General continually for a minimum of two years. These officers can keep up to three Characters in the Fleet Admiral/Fleet General position to protect it from a hostile takeover. In lieu of having enough officers qualified for this position, Cron will still retain at least three trusted active or semi-active players at this level.

All ranks at the various Starbases in the CRON Fleet are earned individually. For instance, if you are an Admiral or Fleet Admiral/General at one Starbase, you will still need to qualify for that rank at the other Starbase to hold the rank with at least one character before being promoted.


Command LevelFederationKlingonFleet Credits Per ToonFleet Stores
Level 7**Fleet ProtectorFleet ProtectorElected by Fleet AdmiralsAlways Open
Level 7Fleet AdmiralFleet GeneralElected by Fleet AdmiralsAlways Open
Level 6Hall of DistinctionHall of HonourElected by Fleet AdmiralsAlways Open
Level 5AdmiralGeneral1,000,000 - PlusAlways Open
Level 4CommodoreBrigadier500,000 - 999,999Always Open
Level 3CaptainCaptain250,000 - 499,999Always Open
Level 2CommanderCommander100,000 - 249,999Always Open
Level 1LieutenantLieutenant0 - 99,999Closed


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