I would like to learn more about Star Trek Online, where can I get more information?

Check out the Star Trek Online wiki

Star Trek Online Wiki

How do I join Star Trek Online?

Star Trek Online is made by Cryptic Games, and distributed by Arc Games. Click the following link to get to the Star Trek Online home page

Arc Games STO Landing Page

I want to use Teamspeak, how do I get started?

After joining our fleet request our Teamspeak server name and password, then download program at:

Teamspeak Download

I want to measure my damage in battle, how can I get started on STO Combatlog Reader?

I know everyone wants to know just how much ass they kick, but just so you know, if this is the first time you’re hearing about CombatLogReader, your damage is going to be terrible. But thats how we get better right?!

Download at:

Combat Log Reader

Pick either Java or non-Java version.

I want to be able to use in-game chat, how do I join STOFA chat?

Once you are in the fleet you can request to be added to the in-game chat, once the invite is sent all you need to do is accept.

How can I contact CRON?

Best ways are either by mailing us at: info@cronfleet.com

Or using the form on the “Join The Fleet” page.

Where can I find FAQ’s for Star Trek Online?

Yo dawg, we heard you like FAQs so we got FAQs in your FAQs so you can FAQ

Star Trek Online FAQs


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