Admiralty & Duty Officer Missions (Known as Doffing)

Admiralty and Duty Officer Missions are different but similar in nature, they both will advance your character and give you Expertise, Dilithium and many other things needed, For Admiralty though you will not have to fly around to find various missions. All you need is to build your ship roster and under the Admiralty tab do your missions. Within Admiralty there are 3 tabs, Federation, Klingon and Romulan. You may do all of them if you wish on each toon. There is a special reward at level 10 on each of them, and you can keep repeating them. The Klingon tab for instance at level 10 rewards you a 30,000 Dilithium bonus, the Federation reward is 2 Specialization Points, the Romulan is 4 Universal Teck Upgrades.

In Star Trek Online, ZEN is the games base for money. You can spend real money for ZEN, which can be used to buy things at the ZEN store, things like ships, dilithium, costumes, boost and keys, etc. However, you can play for free and get almost everything available by earning dilithium and using the in game exchange to get ZEN. The ideas below will help you collect dilithium, expertise, free doffs and many other items you can use, trade or sell in game for EC (Earned Credits) all of which can be used to upgrade your capabilities. When you collect dilithium ore you must refine it each day which is easy, but you can only refine 8000 per day per character. This is why having multiple characters is beneficial and advisable, even though many of them will only be used as farmers to collect contraband and prisoners. There are multiple ways to get dilithium ore, we will discuss a few of them below:

You will also get dilithium for running STF’s, Doffing, and Admiralty missions. In addition you will receive large dilithium bonuses for completing Reputation and every time you complete level 10 Admiralty, which many players can do every 10 days. With all of this you can refine your maximum 8000 dilithium per day per character (toon). It will take some time to get to the point where you will be able to accomplish this, but rest assured you can do it, if you need help, get on Teamspeak and ask questions.

You can leave your dilithium on your various toons, but at some point you may want to transfer it. If you do here is how, after you have collected dilithium and you have processed it, you can combine dilithium to a different account if you wish to by using the dilithium exchange. Submit a request to buy Zen at a low price so it won’t be accepted. For example, since you can process 8000 dilithium every day, use 80 dilithium per Zen and submit to buy 100 Zen, then 8000 dilithium is placed on the exchange. Switch to the captain you want to retrieve it with and open the dilithium exchange, cancel the order, then withdraw it in to your inventory. If you actually want to convert you dilithium to ZEN, then submit a request with a dilithium per Zen value that is close or at the going rate which when this was written 320 dilithium to 1 ZEN.

DOFF missions consist of raiding, strikes, and intercept freighter missions, they often return contraband, prisoners, and other useful items. To find these while in sector space, open your assignments window, select “Department Heads”, then select your “First Officer”. Many of the sectors around and between the Qo’nos & the Sol systems corridor will provide many of these missions for you to take advantage of.

With Klingons you can easily collect 10-15 contraband a day on a toons that have reached level 20 if you have the correct duty officers, the more duty officers you have the more contraband you will be able to get, so you will want to fill your roster. Doing Duty officer missions will give you enough contraband to share with your Federation characters as well. Once contraband has been collected you can exchange five contraband to a security officer on Ganalda, Qo’Nos, or DS9 every 20 hours which generates 2000 or more dilithium.

Forced labor missions will also be found in these sectors, here you can exchange prisoners collected from raids and have a very good chance to receive 500 dilithium for them. These missions typically take 4 or 5 prisoners. You may be able to take 2- 4 of these missions each day for an additional 1000 to 2000 dilithium. As you collect extra prisoners you may also turn 10 of them into the security officer on Qo’Nos, DS9, Romulan Command or Genalda for another 1000 dilithium. Some of the prisoners that you have collected from the raids will have unfavorable traits that often may provide a less than favorable result with a chance of failure.

Operations Officer (Exchange Colonist for Dilithium)

Your operations officer routinely has “colonist” missions available. Whether you pick up colonists via Admiralty missions (Admiralty to be discussed later) or from the operations missions first. It provides 500 dilithium upon successful completion.

Engineering Officer Assignments (Use consumables for other missions)

Your Engineering Officer has a few 4 to 24 hour missions that will need a few consumables that will return 50 to 250 dilithium with a successful completion. These are secondary missions available if you have done all other important missions.

Tactical Officer

Like Engineering, the Tactical Officer has several missions that return 50 or more dilithium. Your tactical officer also has a mission to sacrifice an officer as a changeling spy for 500 dilithium. Don’t sacrifice your good officers, use lower quality officers such as common (white) or uncommon (green) duty officers you have an abundance of. You may also use “instigate defection” or “exchange prisoners” for replacements. Also be sure to take the mission Strike against the Fugitive Support Network, it will reward contraband.

Medical Officer

With all the stuff you collect from raids, you should get plenty of medical supplies to use on the couple of medical missions that will also return 50 or more dilithium.

Science Officer

Artifact missions often have high chance of failure or disaster, so there is little rewards for your troubles in science, although there are a few 50 dilithium reward missions may be found.


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